How Much Does Ps4 Weigh

The PS4 weighs in at just under 7 pounds, making it one of the lightest consoles on the market. That’s impressive considering all of the power that is packed into this little machine. The Xbox One, by comparison, weighs 8.4 pounds – nearly a pound heavier than the PS4.

The Sony PlayStation 4 is a sleek and powerful game console, but how much does it weigh? The answer may surprise you. At just under 6 pounds, the PS4 is surprisingly light for a next-generation game console.

That’s thanks to its compact design, which makes it much smaller than the Xbox One or even the original PlayStation 3. Still, 6 pounds is no lightweight feat and you’ll definitely feel the heft of the PS4 when you’re carrying it around. So if you’re looking for a super lightweight console, the PS4 might not be the best option.

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How Heavy is Ps4?

The PS4 is not a particularly heavy console, weighing in at around 4.5kg. However, it is worth noting that the PS4 Pro model is significantly heavier, coming in at around 5.3kg. So, if you’re looking for a lightweight console, the PS4 may not be the best option.

How Much Does a Ps4 Weigh for Shipping?

When it comes to shipping a PS4, the weight is going to be one of the most important factors. After all, the heavier an item is, the more it’s going to cost to ship. So, how much does a PS4 weigh for shipping?

A PS4 weighs approximately 6.2 pounds. This means that when it comes to shipping, you’re looking at about $13-$15 for ground shipping within the United States. If you need your PS4 shipped internationally, then you’re looking at a significantly higher price tag.

Of course, these prices are just estimates and will vary depending on the specific details of your shipment (like distance and carrier). But now you have a general idea of what it’s going to cost to get your PS4 shipped!

How Much Does a 500Gb Ps4 Weigh?

A 500GB PS4 weigh about 6.2 lbs.

How Much Does a 1Tb Ps4 Weigh?

A 1TB PS4 weighs approximately 9.8 pounds (4.5 kg). The weight will vary depending on the model and manufacturer of the console. For example, the original launch model of the PS4 (CUH-1001A) weighed 6.2 pounds (2.8 kg), while the newer PS4 Slim (CUH-2016B) weighs 4.6 pounds (2.1 kg).

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How Much Does a Ps4 Weigh Kg

When it comes to game consoles, one of the most popular questions is always “How much does it weigh?”. And while we can understand why people ask this question – after all, weight is an important factor when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy a console – the answer isn’t always as simple as you might think. For example, take the PlayStation 4.

This popular console from Sony weighs in at just over 2kg, which puts it on the lighter side when compared to other consoles like the Xbox One (3.4kg) and Nintendo Switch (0.9kg). But what does that mean in terms of actual weight? To put it into perspective, 2kg is about equal to 4.4lbs or 10 standard bricks.

So if you’re looking for a console that won’t weigh you down, the PS4 is definitely worth considering!

How Much Does a Ps4 Weigh in Box

When it comes to weight, the PS4 is a pretty lightweight console. The PS4 Slim model weighs in at just 4.6 pounds, while the original PS4 weighs a bit more at 6.2 pounds. So, how much does a PS4 weigh in box?

Well, that depends on the model of course. The original PS4 will weigh around 9 pounds when boxed up, while the PS4 Slim will be closer to 7 pounds. So, there you have it!

Now you know how much a PS4 weighs in box!

How Much Does a Ps4 Pro Weight

The PS4 Pro is the latest console from Sony, and it’s a pretty beefy piece of hardware. So, just how much does it weigh? Well, the short answer is that it weighs in at about 3.3 kg.

That’s just over 7 pounds for those of you who are used to imperial measurements. Now, that might seem like a lot for a video game console, but keep in mind that the PS4 Pro is packing some serious power under the hood. It has a faster processor and more memory than the standard PS4, as well as support for 4K resolution and HDR gaming.

All of that adds up to a console that’s quite a bit heavier than its predecessor. If you’re looking to save some money on your next-gen console purchase, then you might want to stick with the standard PS4. But if you want the best possible gaming experience, then shelling out an extra hundred bucks or so for the Pro version is definitely worth it.


The PS4 weighs about 6.2 pounds, which is a bit heavier than the Xbox One (6 pounds) and the Wii U (5.3 pounds). The PS3 was significantly heavier at 7.2 pounds.

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